"If you don't know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn." - Cheryl Taggart


Anonymous asked
You like bears.

I like bears in theory, but having run across them a few times during hikes, in reality they are less fun!

Anonymous asked
Lokane aside, what is your favorite ship/otp?

God, that’s hard. I vacillate between ships but they all have the same heroine/villain bent. Here’s a shortlist:

Jareth/Sarah (Labyrinth)

Phantom/Christine (POTO)

Eric/Sookie (True Blood…though TB’s gotten painful to watch over the last three seasons)

Lisa/Jackson (Red Eye…a criminally underappreciated movie)

And that gives you a general idea!

tricksterkat209 asked
Hey there! I know that you're time in Georgia came to an end and you're home (still on vacation? :D) and I was wondering what's coming next for you. That question may seem werird but I think you have posted about it before? That was you, wasn't it? If not: Terribly sorry. Feel free to ignore this. It is kinda personal after all.


Yes, I am still on vacation but that’s because I’m getting my Chinese visa worked out. I’ll be headed to Guangzhou likely the week after next, to be an English teacher at a kindergarten there. I’m very excited as I’ve been on vacation now for two months and am looking forward to being back at work.

Feel free to ask personal stuff! It doesn’t bug me at all!

Erasure of Women in Fandoms


Apologies for being so late to the table!

I spent a long time looking for a specific post from Helshades to reference, but – alas – I can’t find it for technical reasons, so I’ll try to paraphrase the gist from memory.

There was a discussion not long ago on the issue of…