"If you don't know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn." - Cheryl Taggart
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  • Spider-Man:

    How have you dealt with some of the tragedies in your life?

  • Captain America:

    What are some things you believe in?

  • Iron Man:

    Ever had any epiphanies?

  • Thor:

    Talk about your relationship with your family.

  • Hawkeye:

    Talk about a time you got a second chance

  • Black Widow:

    Tell a secret?

  • Captain Marvel:

    Are you the recipient of a legacy?

  • Ms. Marvel:

    Talk about something new you're doing.

  • She-Hulk:

    What keeps you busy?

  • Hulk:

    How do you feel about being alone?

  • Luke Cage:

    Talk about when you've been treated unfairly, on a small or large scale.

  • Black Panther:

    How do you feel about your country?

  • Black Cat:

    Do you have a code of ethics?

  • Daredevil:

    What is something others see as a weakness, but you know to be a strength?

  • Doctor Strange:

    Talk about a moment your life changed paths.

  • Cyclops:

    What do you worry about?

  • Jean Grey:

    What is something about yourself you can't control?

  • Storm:

    What do people look up to you for?

  • Rogue:

    What makes it hard for people to get close to you?

  • Shadowcat:

    Talk about growing up.

  • Beast:

    Favorite book?

  • Nightcrawler:

    Religious beliefs?

  • Scarlet Witch:

    What things have you broken?

  • Quicksilver:

    Who do you feel protective toward?

  • Wolverine:

    What are things you regret?

  • Mr. Fantastic:

    How controlling can you be?

  • Invisible Woman:

    Talk about a process of finding your identity.

  • Human Torch:

    Can people take you seriously?

  • Thing:

    Your body-- what are you insecure about? What do you love?

  • Black Bolt:

    What don't you ever do?

  • Silver Surfer:

    (Where?) do you want to wander?

  • ... Any others?


Artist and photographer Lee Jeong Lok born in 1971 in Gwanju, South Korea. He discovered his passion for photography as a design student at Gwangju University and subsequently studied photographic design and fine art photography in Seoul and New York. For more than a decade the artist has exhibited in solo and selected group exhibitions throughout Korea and his work can be found in the public collections of some of the most respected museums across the country.

Lee Jeonglok describes his current calling as “listening to nature to discover a unique, personal impression of a place…translating what it says into a visual language through my photography”.

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Space Selfies, Enhanced

NASA and JPL have just released these enhanced versions of last week’s spacey self-portraits as captured from Cassini (orbiting Saturn) and MESSENGER (orbiting Mercury). The raw image (here) from Cassini was spectacular on its own, but these edited composites are even better. 

Cassini took advantage of a serendipitous view of its home, and with the ringed planet in position to eclipse the sun it captured the top and bottom images. The wide-angle shot (top) puts our small size in perspective next to the gas giant, and the narrow-angle image (bottom) sees us glowing a brilliant blue next to our dust-gray moon. 

MESSENGER, whose own Earth portrait is seen in the center photo, also had a view of home on Friday, capturing the celestial pair from its slightly closer vantage point. 

Several people have wondered if Cassini actually captured everyone waving since it takes light over an hour to travel between the two planets. The JPL folks assured me that they took this into account, and the shutter didn’t open until 80 minutes after you waved to the sky!

Of course, chances are that Cassini didn’t actually see any light reflected from your waving hand. This guy calculated that of any photon leaving Earth at that moment, there’s only a one in 300 trillion chance that Cassini captured it. Sorry!! ;-)